Donation projects

These are the donation projects I am aware of that need help to keep the animals safe.

For Dalida's animals please join her group: Dalida Kozlic - animal rights activist and rescuer

To follow what is going on at WarmFuzzy's Rescue & Sanctuary, please check out their page.

Please check out the work done by Small Shelter in Nis, Serbia

If you want to help Marijana in taking care of her animals visit her profile.

To see how Mimi and sisters are doing go to Financial support for the most vulnerable cats and dogs in Serbia fb page.

To check up on how Pancake is doing visit his page: Help Pancake the Bunny

For other donation projects please contact the persons named in the projects to see how you can help them.

National Do Not Adopt List of Animal Abusers | Animal Legal Defense's Fundraiser on CrowdRise:

Rescue Suzy and all of India's Circus Elephants | Wildlife SOS' Fundraiser on CrowdRise:

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